Keeping Balance

All About PMDD with Mandy Rother, RD

April 19, 2023 Season 1 Episode 13
Keeping Balance
All About PMDD with Mandy Rother, RD
Show Notes

April is Premenstrual Disorder Awareness Month, a movement that is super important to me and the KB community. Our guest today is Mandy Rother,  a functional dietitian who specializes in a holistic approach to Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). She combines 15 years of professional experience with her lived experience of PMDD to guide her comprehensive, data-driven approach. She specializes in using bloodwork and functional lab testing so that we can stop guessing and take strategic steps towards sustainable relief. Her mission is to provide trauma-informed compassionate coaching so that her clients can take empowered steps forward with hope and confidence (and reclaim their lives!).

In the episode, we discuss:
- The difference between PMS and PMDD
- What causes PMDD
- How to tell the difference between symptoms and reality
- PMDD + neurodivergence, histamine intolerance, and more
- How to approach your practitioner when getting evaluated for PMDD
- Foundational steps to take when treating PMDD
- PMDD during the postpartum period

Mandy is also a guest in The Keeping Balance Method, providing a step by step strategy to start feeling better on your very next cycle. This 60-minute workshop and accompanying toolkit is included for all KBM members.

PMDD resource: IAPMD

Mandy's homepage
Mandy on Instagram: @mandyrother.rd
Mandy's hybrid PMDD program

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