Keeping Balance

Make Work Suck Less with Cassandra Babilya

April 12, 2023 Season 1 Episode 12
Keeping Balance
Make Work Suck Less with Cassandra Babilya
Show Notes

Today's guest is extra special to me - my sister-in-law! Cassandra and I chat all things career alignment, making the scary leap to change jobs, and what that looked like for her after 8 years with the CIA.

Now, as a culture leader in tech with Amazon, entrepreneur, career coach, and mom, Cassandra offers her wisdom and tips to make work suck less and start finding your passion.

This conversation is often overlooked when we talk about health, but it is SO important to consider the environment we spend a MASSIVE chunk of our time in when looking at the big picture. Having made a huge career shift myself, this topic is so important to me, and I'm honored to have my own family expert on the matter.

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